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Bread and Brain, Education and Poverty


Proceedings of the Working Group
4-6 November 2013
Scripta Varia 125
© Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Vatican City, 2015
pp. 278
ISBN 978-88-7761-105-5


The Importance of Micronutrients for Economic Development (PDF)
Bjørn Lomborg

Lessons from Golden Rice (PDF)
Ingo Potrykus

A Digital Educational Environment in Poor Populations (PDF)
Antonio M. Battro

The Reading Brain, Global Literacy, and the Eradication of Poverty (PDF)
Maryanne Wolf, Stephanie Gottwald, Tinsley Galyean, Robin Morris, Cynthia Breazeal

Biological and Sociocultural Determinants of Neurocognitive Development: Central Aspects of the Current Scientific Agenda (PDF)
Sebastián J. Lipina

Consequences of the Anti-GMO Campaigns (PDF)
Robert Paarlberg

Sleep, Slums and Shelter: Impact of a Slum-housing Upgrading Program (PDF)
Daniel P. Cardinali, Guido Simonelli, Solange Rodríguez Espínola, Agustín Salvia, Daniel Pérez-Chada, Daniel E. Vigo

Structuring Opportunity for Immigration Origin Children (PDF)
Carola Suárez-Orozco, Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

Food and Nutrition Security – The Concept and its Realization (PDF)
Joachim von Braun

Biofortification: Progress Toward a More Nourishing Future (PDF)
Amy Saltzman, Ekin Birol, Howarth E. Bouis, Erick Boy, Fabiana F. De Moura, Yassir Islam, and Wolfgang H. Pfeiffer

Supplementation: An Effective Approach for Improving Nutrition and Health (PDF)
Klaus Kraemer, Eva Monterrosa, Henry Mark

Hidden Hunger – Consequences for Brain Development (PDF)
Konrad Biesalski

La desnutrición infantil genera la única debilidad mental que se puede prevenir y revertir, la única creada por el hombre (PDF)
Abel Albino

The Quest to Assure a Well-Fed World in 2050 Will Take an Integrated Global Effort (PDF)
Robert S. Zeigler

Socioeconomic Approaches to Long Lasting Effects of Early Chilhood Education (PDF)
Juan J. Llach


Bread and Brain

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