Scripta Varia

The Cultural Values of Science


Plenary Session 8-11 November 2002
Scripta Varia 105
Vatican City, 2003
pp. 389, XVII tables
ISBN 88-7761-082-4



Science and Culture
+ Discussion
Maurizio Iaccarino

Que la science s’inscrit dans la culture comme “pratique théorique” (PDF)
+ Discussion
Paul Ricoeur

Culture and Science (PDF)
+ Discussion
Lourdes Arizpe

Cultural Aspects of the Theory of Molecular Evolution (PDF)
Werner Arber

Science and Dream (PDF)
+ Discussion
Paul Germain

The Facts of Life (PDF)
+ Discussion
Christian de Duve

Modern Cosmology and Life’s Meaning (PDF)
+ Discussion
George V. Coyne, S.J.

The Different Paces of Development of Science and Culture: The Considerations of a Demographer (PDF)
+ Discussion
Bernardo M. Colombo

From World Views to Science and Back (PDF)
+ Discussion
Stanley L. Jaki

‘Much More is Required’. Science Education in the 21st Century: A
+ Discussion
Pierre J. Léna

New Scientific Paradigms and Changing Notions of the Sacred (PDF)
+ Discussion
Jean-Michel Maldamé

The Moral Substance of Science (PDF)
+ Discussion
Jürgen Mittelstrass

Reconnecting Science with the Power of Silence (PDF)
+ Discussion
Thomas R. Odhiambo

Towards a Culture of Scientific Excellence in the South (PDF)
+ Discussion
Mohamed H.A. Hassan

Science as a Culture: A Critical Appreciation (PDF)
+ Discussion
Chintamani N.R. Rao

On the Predictability of Crime Waves in Megacities – Extended Summary (PDF)
+ Discussion
Vladimir I. Keilis-Borok

The Impact of Neuroscience on Culture (PDF)
+ Discussion
Wolf J. Singer

The Art and Science of Medicine (PDF)
+ Discussion
Andrew Szczeklik

The How and Why of Our Origins (PDF)
+ Discussion
William R. Shea

Science Never Ends: A New Paradigm is Being Born in Biology (PDF)
+ Discussion
Rafael Vicuña

The Unique and Growing Influence of the Neurosciences on the
Development of our Culture
+ Discussion
Robert J. White

Scientific Culture and the Ten Statements of John Paul II (PDF)
+ Discussion
Antonino Zichichi

Surgery of the Soul (PDF)
Joseph E. Murray

Anthropical Cosmology and Personal Theology (PDF)
Nicola Dallaporta

A Note on Aspects of Classical Physics in the Twentieth Century (PDF)
Raymond Hide

God’s Traces in the Laws of Nature (PDF)
Walter E. Thirring

Statement by Prof. A. Zichichi (PDF)



The Cultural Values of Science

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Statement on the Cultural Values of Science

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