Scripta Varia

Chemical Events in the Atmosphere and their Impact on Environment


Study Week 7-11 November 1983
G.B. Marini-Bettòlo (ed)
Scripta Varia 56
Vatican City, 1985
pp. XIX-702



I. Structure, Components and Primary Processes in the Atmosphere

Photochemical Reactions in the Atmosphere + Discussion (PDF)
D. Phillips

Quantum-Mechanical Studies on the Binding Properties of Small Atmosphere Molecules + Discussion (PDF)
A. Pullman

The Young Sun, the Early Earth and the Photochemistry of Oxygen, Ozone and Formaldehyde in the Early Atmosphere + Discussion (PDF)
V.M. Canuto, J.S. Levine, C.L. Imhoff, I. Goldman, T.R. Augustsson, O. Hubickyj

Atmospheric Ions + Discussion (PDF)
F. Arnold

Oxygen Cycle in the Atmosphere + Discussion (PDF)
J.R. Wiesenfeld

The Global Sulfur Budget + Discussion (PDF)
C. Brosset

Laboratory Studies of Atmospheric Radical Reactions + Discussion (PDF)
C.J. Howard

II. Atmosphere and the Secondary Processes: the Effect of Geological and Anthropic Components

The Photochemistry of Tropospheric Trace Species: the Central Role of Radicals and Their Possible Variability + Discussion (PDF)
W.L. Chameides, D.D. Davis

Perturbations of the Atmosphere and of the Climate System Induced by Volcanic Eruptions: Relevance of Some Specific Processes + Discussion (PDF)
G. Fiocco

Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols: a Comparative Analysis (PDF)
K.Ya. Kondratyev, V.A. Ivanov, D.V. Pozdnyakov, M.A. Prokofyev

Increasing Concentrations of Perhalocarbons, Methylchloroform and Methane in the Atmosphere + Discussion (PDF)
F.S. Rowland, D.R. Blake, S.C. Tyler, Y. Makide

Role and Fate of Ozone in the Atmosphere + Discussion (PDF)
J.G. Anderson

III. The Effects on the Environment of Chemical Reactions in the Atmosphere

Toward a Better Understanding of Atmospheric Chemistry + Discussion (PDF)
T.F. Malone

Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gases in Ocean, Atmosphere, and Biosphere, and Future Climatic Impacts (PDF)
R. Revelle

Carbon Dioxide and Environment + Discussion (PDF)
F.K. Hare

Atmospheric Conditions After a Nuclear War + Discussion (PDF)
P.J. Crutzen, I.E. Galbally

Atmospheric Acidity + Discussion (PDF)
A. Liberti

Effects on Soils of Chemical Events in the Atmosphere + Discussion (PDF)
J. Låg

IV. The Effects on Life of Chemical Events in the Atmosphere

Effects of Chemical Air Pollution on Forests and Other Vegetation + Discussion (PDF)
W. Knabe

Chemical Reactions in the Atmosphere and Their Impact on Human Health and Animal Life + Discussion
G.B. Marini-Bettòlo

The Water Cycle in Tropical Forests, With Special Reference to the Amazon
E. Salati, P.B. Vose

Effects of Chemical Events on Environment in Africa + Discussion
S.O. Wandiga

Final Considerations and Conclusions (PDF)


Chemical Events in the Atmosphere and Their Impact on the Environment

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