Scripta Varia

What Is Our Real Knowledge About the Human Being


Working Group 5-6 May 2006
M. Sánchez Sorondo (ed.)
Scripta Varia 109
Vatican City, 2007
pp. XIX-186
ISBN 978-88-7761-093-5


Person and Brain: A Historical Perspective From Within the Christian Tradition (PDF)
Fernando Vidal

The Origin of Humans: The Record From the Afar of Ethiopia (PDF)
Berhane Asfaw

What is a Human? Archaeological Perspectives on the Origin of Humanness (PDF)
Alison S. Brooks

Soul-Searching and Mind-Reading Issues Raised by 21st Century Neuropsychology and Evolutionary Psychology (PDF)
Malcolm Jeeves

The Need for Others (PDF)
Jean-Didier Vincent

Homo Educabilis: A Neurocognitive Approach (PDF)
Antonio M. Battro

A New Science of Humanity: A Trial for the Integration of Natural Sciences and the Humanities Towards Human Security and Well-being (PDF)
Hideaki Koizumi

The Scientific Images and the Global Knowledge of the Human Being (PDF)
Evandro Agazzi

Is the DNA Sequence a Sufficient Definition of Human Nature? A Comparison Between Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Jacques Maritain (PDF)
Enrico Berti

A Solely Human Aspect of Existence: The Experience of Beauty (PDF)
Franco Chiereghin

Science and the Mind-Body Problem (PDF)
Thomas Nagel

Science and the Search for a New Anthropology (PDF)
Jürgen Mittelstrass

Our Deepest Beliefs About Ourselves (PDF)
Peter van Inwagen

Imago Dei and Sexual Difference (PDF)
Janet Martin Soskice

Faith, Philosophy and Science (PDF)
Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo


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